Puffco Plus Darts


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Puffco Plus Darts. (3pk)


Puffco Plus Dart Features:

Silicone Top. Integrated Carb Cap. Scoop-Shaped Loading Tip. Easy to Clean. For use with Concentrates.


Puffco makes dabbing easy with their Plus Dart, a 3-in-1 loading tool, splash guard and carb cap. This all in one patented design makes life easy and mess free. With a silicone top and ceramic scoop shaped loading tool the Plus Dart is sure to lend a helpful hand when loading sticky concentrates. Simply extend the Dart from the mouth piece and scoop the concentrate without a worry.

Each box contains 3 Puffco Plus Darts to easily switch between to avoid mixing concentrates or maybe it's just time for a new one.


*This item is intended for use with the Puffco Plus Pen Only*

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